[PD] surround sound

Hugh McCarthy hughmccarthy at excite.com
Thu May 13 10:46:56 CEST 2004

Hi all,

Powerbook G4 1.25GHz OSX.3.3 

I want to take some Surround audio ito pd and mess with it.  this involves getting the separate channels recorded.  Messy without encoder/decoder

However, I found Audio Hijack Pro (rogue amoeba), which reroutes the audio from any app, allowing vst and au to be applied to this audio AND allows to record.

What I'm looking for is a vst á la SRS Circle Surround encoder/decoder but without the €500 price tag. 

I know PanHandler did something similar years back for LCRS but this was only for PC.  Any one doing this work for Mac?


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