[PD] Setting the sample rate

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sun May 16 21:04:35 CEST 2004

You need to add the command line tag -r 44100 or whatever.  If you are  
on Windows, you would add that to your .bat batch file.  Otherwise, you  
would stick it in your .pdrc.


On May 16, 2004, at 11:19 AM, Al Riley wrote:

> Hopefully a there's a simple answer to this one...
> When I open PD, it overrides my sound card sample rate
> and sets it at 22050 Hz. Ideally i'd be working at
> 44100 Hz or higher. When I try to set it to another
> value from Audio Settings in PD it has no effect on
> the sample rate in my sound card interface.
> I only noticed the problem when I heard unexpected
> aliasing in an additive patch I'm working on.
> Just in case it helps, my soundcard is a terratec DMX
> 6fire.
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