[PD] computational load for PD hosting

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Fri May 21 00:46:16 CEST 2004

hi all,

Am Donnerstag 20 Mai 2004 23:54 schrieb marcus:
> Hello,
> I know this is all somewhat vague. I'm just curious to hear thoughts that
> any of you have on the matter. Also, I haven't yet figured out what sort of
> server-side coding would be neccessary to dynamically assign ports to their
> respective instances in PD. I suppose I should talk to a PERL adept, huh?

usually, a good network implementation should not have a problem with multiple 
users on the same port. think of a web site .....

and then, many programs can be used stand-alone as deamons, that means for 
an ftp connection is incomming, the network deamon (inetd, xinetd, ...) fires 
up the neccesarry software/program to handle the incomming connection.

maybe it could all be done by just dynamically instantiating a subpatch for 
each incomming connection (and destroying afterwards), controlled by external 
events? like a script, called by inetd, sending a message to pd to create a 
subpatch (i.e. netsend/receive) by using the given network parameters?

just a thought ....

> Thanks,
> Marcus



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