[PD] Re: [PD-announce] wvvw - wave viewer, some ideas

Tom Schouten doelie at zzz.kotnet.org
Sun May 30 16:33:11 CEST 2004

> Thanks again for a terrific toy, Tom.
my pleasure.

> Just a few ideas which might make it even cooler. Embrace or disregard them 
> as time allows...
> 1) Ability to make multiple instances of the viewing window instead of one 
> master window.

ah, the 'proper' approach :)
will have to wait until some threading bugs are ironed out.

> 2) Ability to nest seperate windows in patches, or even graph-on-parent.

tis would be very cool, indeed. though i don't know how to do that. would 
require 1.

> 3) Ability to label each track in the window(s?), either statically by 
> array-name, or dynamically with the pathname of the file loaded [from 
> soundfiler]

fonts. font libs. maybe later :)

> 4) Of course, eventual multiplatform support would be nice, so people like 
> Frank could use it in their end-user-oriented patches such as the RRADical 
> patches.

this should be just a makefile (execept maybe for the kill(getpid(), 
SIGTRAP) in the ASSERT macro, which is optional)

> About the keybindings:
> I was just playing with the keybindings for getting the array position and 
> length of the mouse selection from the window, and I find it wonderful. It 
> was almost effortless to figure out how to assign a different keybinding to 
> each track in the window (via [route x], [route y], [route q], etc....] I am 
> curious, however, why I cannot see the contents of the packed message coming 
> directly out of the [route] object. Common sense would tell me that the 
> output would be a compound messsage of position and length, but a [print] 
> object still only gives me the key event, and not the numbers. Why is that?

well, that's strange.
pre-route i get x <start> <length>
post-route (the x outlet) i get <start> <length>, just as expected.

is this what you mean?


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