[PD] GEM hardware compatibility information

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Sat Jul 3 00:44:59 CEST 2004

Hi all

Since there is such a wide variety of hardware, and drivers, available 
for video and graphics, I think it might be useful to compile a list of 
problems associated with specific configurations and GEM.  This will 
help the developers determine what problems are in the GEM code, and 
also provide a reference for users.  Keep in mind that it is 
impractical for the GEM developers to test even a small fraction of the 
possible configurations.  I will put the info up on my GEM page.

A little form to help gather information:

OS version:
GPU Driver:
Other Software/Drivers:
Other video hardware

Here's a sample for my config:

Platform: OSX
OS version: 10.3.4
Hardware Vendor/Model: Apple PowerBook Titanium
CPU: 1Ghz G4 PPC 7450
RAM: 512MB
HD: 60GB 4200rpm
GPU: ATI Radeon Mobility 64MB
GPU Driver: Apple/ATI 10.3.4 standard
Other Relevant Software/Drivers: Quicktime 6.5
Other video hardware: crappy iBot webcam
Bugs/Issues: YUV textures do not blend properly with ARGB masks.  
Texture corruption with CLIENT_STORAGE_APPLE enabled, Altivec 
processing and QT internal tasking - pix_film + pix_texture (pix_movie 
circumvents the issue).

You can post on or off list if you have some current issue to be 
solved.  Any other submissions can probably be sent directly to me.


ps - if someone wants to put up a nice web based form to do this 
automatically, that would be fantastic.

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