[PD] readanysf~ and flac

vincent Rioux vincent.rioux at no-log.org
Tue Jul 13 11:26:25 CEST 2004

At 20:37 12/07/2004, august wrote:
> > Hello August,
> >
> > well, yes, I downloaded and compiled the lastest version available on your
> > site.
> > I saw that you included a ReadFlac.cpp.seekable file but If i try to
> > compile it I get errors.
>in the dirctory "readanysf~0.13/include"  is another file called
>ReadFlac.h.seekable.   mv this to ReadFlac.h and compile again.
>that should compile ok.  and, you will be able to seek on flac files.
>just, when you seek too much, or to certain points in the file, it will
>simply bail on you.  (but, maybe this has been fixed in the new flac
>release, dunno)

Thanks a lot,
It compiled like a charm
Well, as you mentioned there are still some problems with Flac, we'll have 
to wait for next release (?)
best regards,

>best -august.
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