[PD] fft -> get to know of requested frequency range

ba ba at uvic.ca
Mon Jul 26 10:08:38 CEST 2004

>so I tried a bit with [bp~] but the problem was, that the amplitudes I got
>were pretty high (after comparision with incoming signal) - dont't know why.
>So I still don't know how to handle the incoming audio to get to know if a
>specified frequency range is contained by the the audio in. That's why I 
tried >fft once more, but I have no idea how to calculate the data [rfft~] is 
giving >to me. Does anybody of you have an idea?
>thanks, mfg

have you tried

[hip~ 10000]
[lop~ 11000]
[> x]
[sel 1]

where x is your desired threshold?  you might add more hip~ and lop~ to get a 
sharper cutoff.  this still seems like the simplest solution.

good luck

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