[PD] OS X performance

Mirko Petrovich prab at terra.cl
Tue Jul 27 05:47:20 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I'm a Linux user an I'm very happy with pd performance in my desktop 
(PIII 800MHz). Yesterday I tried pd 0.37-1 from Miller's site in a 
Powerbook G4 (1GHz). I compared the cpu usage with patch 08.convobros.pd 
and I saw a big difference. In the Linux system it uses about 0.1% and 
in the G4 about 20%. Why this big difference ? Should I use a G4 
optimized pd or should I tweak the OSX system ? I tried some Gem patches 
too, and G4 performed a lot better (excepting the nVidia bug). Any hints ?

The systems are :
PIII 800MHz,512MB RAM,RedHat8, 2.4.21 with low latency patches, ALSA, es1371

Powerbook G4 1GHz,256MB RAM,OSX 10.3.4 Panther, built-in audio


Mirko Petrovich

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