[PD] ideal laptop for pd

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Tue Sep 7 07:25:38 CEST 2004

You might look at a desknote. They don't have batteries, but usually 
you'll have power around if you're doing audio work. The upside is that 
they pack a lot more power for much less money. The one I have came 
without a hard drive, CPU, or RAM. The RAM is cheap because it takes 
regular fullsize desktop RAM, rather than specialized laptop RAM. Also 
the CPU is a desktop CPU which means its faster and cheaper. I've heard 
some of the newer ones sport dual optical drives, fancy video cards and 
huge LCDs. But they're also very heavy compared to a laptop. Various 
companies make desknotes, including ECS and Dell.

I bought my desknote 2.5 years ago for $1k US and it has a 1.75 GHz 
processor and can take up to 1 Gig of memory.


siggmuss wrote:

>hello list!
>i want to buy a new laptop  ... which one do u recommend me for pd??
>i was thinking about a pentium m procesor:
>dell latitude d400
>pentium m 1.7
>523 ram
>cache 1 giga? 
>is it ok?
>now i have a pentium 4 , 2.6 and 512 ram, and i feel limited , i cant
>work very compex patches .....
>the salesman told me pentium m is faster than pentium 4 but im not sure
>many thanx
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