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Thu Sep 16 05:43:32 CEST 2004

Net Label Kikapu.com

releases "Wein, Weib und Gesang"

you can download it from: http://www.kikapu.com/label/releases/kpu072.htm

An ambient compilation featuring 34 different artist from around the world

The running time for the entire release is 4 hours, 48 minutes, and 15

Entirely in hi-resolution mp3 format this totals 516 MB

The title is an old German saying that is loosely translated as "wine, women
and songs...all you need to be happy in life." These songs represent a
collective attempt to help you, the listener, be happy in life. The release
is Kikapu's largest and most ambitious to date and features new and
returning artists to Kikapu.

Kikapu is primarily a net label, which means that we offer music that is
available exclusively through free mp3 downloads, and we also offer the
occasional CDR release as well. All mp3 releases on the site are free for
you to download and distribute as you wish, as long as it is not done for
profit. The label was started as a way for brilliant artists to showcase
their talents; here you can find music from up-and-coming artists as well as
artists already well-established within the electronic music community.

Track listing for the release is as follows:

01. Mar.ch - They Are Looking For A Country Of Their Own
02. Agnes High Quality - Falsehood (Version I)
03. Dub Jay - Vmechocori
04. Sex Enemy - Tide Sequence (Dub)
05. Algorhythm - Walking Forward Looking Backward
06. Introspective - Dark Clouds Over The Desert
07. Caddis - ...And We Were Led To Pools Of Light
08. Gainforest - Longitude
09. X41 - Pale Blue Dot
10. Komori - Chambon
11. The System Boot - Madison
12. Vincent Parker - PO9IJK
13. Jason Sloan - From February (Live In Seattle 02.27.04)
14. These Men Are Cowards - But Mr. Cass I Think It's Just Your Radio Is
15. Kaminari Synthesis - A Few Days Until Never Again
16. Spark - Celebrate
17. Room - Womb
18. Mike Verde - Thank You
19. Latency - Stithe
20. EelFayGree - Concordia Discors
21. Matt Borghi - This Moment Feels Frozen, But Really We're In Another
Time And Place
22. 518 vs. Joel - The Singularity
23. Souns - Senseless In Space
24. Veem - Contraption
25. Eric Laurence - 6
26. Notech - It's The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Problems
27. Cypod - Peace
28. Evil Jon - FC4004
29. Effacer - Atoll, Grand Mal
30. Stephen Philips - Going Nowhere
31. Space Plans - Jesus On A Jet-Pack
32. Pocka - Four Little Photos In A Row
33. Autistici - Locations Marked On A Map Of Silence
34. Kosik - Lastly Empty

Kikapu is a non-profit project, and any earnings made from the sale of
releases and other merchandise is applied towards web site hosting fees and
future physical release projects. All rights of the artists and of their
recorded material are reserved. All tracks and graphics are copyright of
their respective authors. If you would like to donate to this release send
email to bsm772s at yahoo.com for paypal information


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