[PD] nForce and ASIO

ba ba at uvic.ca
Fri Sep 17 08:52:24 CEST 2004

I just bought the A7n8x-e motherboard that has the nForce 2 chipset on it.  
the nforce includes 6 channel audio out, but PD will only output 2 of the 
channels (front left and right).  when I set PD to use ASIO and have 6 output 
channels, the other four channels work, but they just add to the front left 
and front right output like all the left channels are being mixed to the front 
left, and same for the right.

also, it says "error: number of inputs and outputs must match" when I switch 
the NFORCE ASIO output to 6 channels.

Does anyone have this motherboard and has it working?



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