[PD] Fireface (was: best audio interface for windows xp (digidesign))

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In the RME website they have the latency tests, which go down until 3ms in
some pc laptops (IBM, HP and some others). With powerbook it is 1.5ms.
Is the latency in the other system better? (digiface or MADI-cards)

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> > happy with it. However, judging from the RME mailing list the new
> > seems to be at least as good.
> but only if you don't mind latency.
> the fireface is a cool thing if you need microphone-in (it has built int
> mic-preamps and is powered via firewire - so you only need yor laptop,
> the fireface and some decent microphones to make high-quality recordings)
> ieee1394 transmits data in bursts (at least, that it is how i understand
> it) which makes it unusable for really low latency applications (a
> problem which is not present with the digiface or MADI-cards)

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