[PD] rvbap error?

chris tyrrell shaper_mechanist at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 22 04:51:40 CEST 2004

 --- siggmuss <siggmus at fastmail.fm> wrote: 
"rvbap doesnt work on windows... pd often crashes
when i play with its
arguments in the help file (help-rvbap) and i never
get a sound....
appears the followin message in the kernel window:

error: inlet :expected "matrix" but got "float"
error: matrix~: no method for "float" "

-yeah i have that problem aswell, but I rarely comment
on crashes because me and my computer aren't exactly
on great terms, we're thinking about breaking up...er
I mean I'm thinking about breaking it up (let's not
talk about it)...in fact i've never been able to get
vbap (never mind rvbap)itself running, always crashes
pd, but as I say until I get a stable system running I
tend to blame my computer...


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