[PD] Audio latency problems on Mac OS X

Chadwick A. Wood chadwick at sphericle.com
Tue Nov 2 05:16:52 CET 2004


I have a couple questions regarding PD on OS X and getting low latency 
for audio:

1. I'm using PD-0.38-0test4HCS1.  I forget which release this is (I 
know there are a couple of OS X packages out there).  I've started 
trying to decrease my latency using the -frags command line option.  
The problem is that with this (and all) command line options that I try 
to use with this app, on startup it says there was an error parsing the 
command line arguments.  When I look at my saved startup preferences, 
there is a square-looking character at the end of the arguments.  Has 
anyone else had this problem?

2. Since I'm having these problems with the saved start up options, is 
there a way to start pd from the command line on OS X?  Should I use a 
different OS X port that somebody has made?

3. Is there some completely other way that I should go about trying to 
decrease my latency?

I have a G4 1GHz powerbook.  I'm using an Audiophile USB card from 
m-audio.  The latency patch from the Tools says my latency is about 69 
ms.  I'd like to get to 10 so that I can play my guitar along with my 
patches and process it...

Thanks for the help!!!

Chad Wood

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