[PD] DSP feedback remedy?

chun lee leechun at leechun.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Nov 4 13:25:32 CET 2004

CTFA is also for California Tree Fruit Agreement...

Anyway, thanks for the reply, ya, should have searched before I asked.

> Hate to say CTFA/STFW * ;-), but this is a question I have answered now
> twice on this list. From my second reply, dated 09/20/04 12:47:
>> Last April I took it onto myself to find a DSP Loop solution. My answer is
>> here:
>> http://iem.at/mailinglists/pd-list/2004-04/019516.html
>> The key was to use [send~] and [receive~] pairs, and somehow this keeps PD
>> from discovering any DSP loops. Let me know if that helps!
> I'll figure out how to use CVS better and include the patch from the
> first post in the documentation if I can find the time.
> best from Bergen [and good luck with your London thing... I'll be
> passing through in December perhaps!],
> d.
> * CheckTheFriendlyArchive/SearchTheFriendlyWeb
> chun lee wrote:
>> While I was experimenting with some simple DSP feedback stuff (for example,
>> a self modulating phase modulating thing with controllable feedback amount),
>> I encountered the error message saying DSP loop detected and some tilde
>> objects not scheduled.
>> I have encountered similar error before, I know it perhaps is not meant to
>> be used in that way for a good reason, but I am just curious.
>> How can I workaround this error? Or would I need to code my own external to
>> do things with DSP feed back?

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