[PD] perception of sound

sven ml.sven at subscience.de
Thu Nov 11 10:46:17 CET 2004

search the web for the fletcher-munson-curve.
it shows the perceived sound level for different frequencies at the same level.
a sine tone at around 4khz is perceived loudest.

>This is the first time I get involved in the Pure Data mailing list, a 
>kind of newbie then and I'm currently facing to a problem for which I have 
>no competences : I've got a buzzer which aims at producing a sound 
>sequence when a certain default occurs. The buzzer behaviour is controlled 
>by two parameters : its volume and the waveform used to produce the alarm 
>It seems for many people that the alarm level is not enough strong, even 
>at full blast so here's my question :
>do you know if there are some rules that make a sound appear more strong 
>than another at an identic level ?
>Does the solution resides in considering a square wave (or whatever else) 
>instead of a sine one ? Or should I have to set up a more complex waveform 
>(such as major chords, add a square to a sine...) ?I know that it doesn't 
>directly concern PD but...
>Thanks for your help !

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