[PD] Re: readsf~ / soundfiler crash with lots of big files

Stefan Turner stefan_turner at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Nov 11 11:38:55 CET 2004

Hi Pete, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately they do
all need to be loaded.

Basically, (sorry for not explaining it too well), if
you were just going to use a few readsf~ with poly in
front, i.e. forget about these tables completely, you
need to wait between telling readsf~ to open and
telling it to start; it can't do both straight away.
That's the point of the tables: they CAN start playing
the very first bit (4096 samples) straight away, and
that gives enough time between telling readsf~ to open
and telling it to start playing. As I say it works
fine for a few pitches, and I guess it is the standard
approach for these types of instrument.

 So therefore you DO need a table per pitch: if you
only had say six, then any note outside of those six
could not be played instantly like this.

Hope that explains it better. I think the main problem
is readsf~ seems to load ALL of a big file into
memory, although I only want the first 4096 samples
and close it after this. When I try and have 12 of
these at the same time, pd dies. Does this mean pd is
incapable of working as a basic soft sampler??

Er sorry for writing another essay. I'd love to hear
any ideas!


>hi stephan,
>could you not have less tables by not allocating each
>voice an array? loading soundfiles into say 6 arrays
>and switching between them. and as you press a key it
>loads the key into the oldest array/table, there's a
>file in the documentation about voice allocation i
>hope this is useful 

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