[PD] readanysf~ (stop command)

august august at alien.mur.at
Mon Nov 15 16:42:41 CET 2004

> dear all,
> readanysf (0.13) crashes pd when sent the 'stop' command after a file
> has been loaded
> i use pd_devel0.37 and the latest cvs flext version
> any idea?
> i find it a bit strange because it has worked very nicely up to now on
> another (very similar) install...

vincent,  readanysf~ will only work with flext 4.5 ...

the newer flext versions somehow wrap object creating and deletion....and
this is why readanysf~ is crashing.   there is a flag however in flext (I
beleive) which allows you to compile without this feature.

best -august.

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