[PD] zexy.dll with repeat

--//-- schwarz at gen-control.com
Tue Nov 16 13:23:46 CET 2004

At 12:54 16.11.2004, Johannes M Zmoelnig wrote:
>--//-- wrote:
>>would be nice if there where a newer zexy.dll with
>>the repeat object implemented for the non compilers
>>of us
>as far as i know, the zexy.dll you get from ftp.iem.at is quite up-to-date 
>(probably missing some bugfixes, i don't know)

yes it is -- no need to reboot...

>of course i will not reboot my machine just to test it
>and of course i cannot speak for the precompiled soureforge-packages.
>seriously, [repeat] *must have* an argument. it will refuse to create if 
>you just type [repeat] !!!! try [repeat 10] instead and see what you get.

ok -- didn`t know that (didn`t looked up the help file - thaught it may 
work like until -- and there are quiet few object not creating without 
i guess...)

>a bit more information would be good to have:
>  we all know that you are on windows because you are using
>"QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Version", and a tiny bit because you 
>mention dll
>  nobody knows which version of zexy you use (where you got it from; which 
> version-number)

sorry for that... i always try to have the newest version from of course 
the offical sites like the
iem page (of course -- i d wish i would be able to compile the cvs releases...)


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