[PD] GEM: speed of pix_film (fps) manipulation

Max Neupert abonnements at revolwear.com
Mon Nov 22 12:45:46 CET 2004

Am 21.11.2004 um 22:51 schrieb james tittle:
> ...yep, sadly this is true:  besides the auto method, there's also the 
> (OSX-only) "rate" message (not in the pix_filmNEW/pix_filmQT)...of 
> course, you can also control the rate of frame playback by setting up 
> a variable metronome into a counter that loops based on the number of 
> frames contained in the film...

the rate-mesage! cool, that's what i was thinking of. a pity that it's 
not cross plattform.

> ...and don't forget that by default, the gemwin is set to output at 20 
> fps...this may've been good for the machines available with the 
> initial GEM releases, but now I always set it to 60 fps (at least!), 
> or whatever the refresh rate is of my output...winds up give much 
> smoother output, and allows gem to do things in the background if 
> necessary, or nothing at all if not necessary!

that's right: the CPU load is a bit higher, but it looks definetly a 
lot smoother.


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