[PD] in-memory sample players?

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Nov 23 16:35:30 CET 2004

sven wrote:
> what's the best ext to play in-memory samples?
> it should work on linux and windows.
> i can't use arrays because it stores samples as 32bit floats so it takes 
> up too much memory.
> it should be possible to play samples at arbitrary speed - setting speed 
> or doing it a la tabread4~ would be ok.

ah, i have forgotten about this

about a year ago i wrote a small library "iem16": 16bit versions of 
delay~s (del16write~, del16read~, vd16~) and tables (table16, 
tab16read~, tab16write~,...).
i had written it, because i had to do delay-based timeshifting of 4 
channels over long periods of time on a laptop with only 512MB of ram.
since 16bit is good enough for CD i though it was tolerable to use it 
for such things.

i have checked it into the CVS (externals/iem16) now.
i will put the binaries online (ftp.iem.at)


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