[PD] Re: [PD-announce] new [hid] release + simple mapping objects

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Fri Nov 26 17:10:47 CET 2004

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Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
| I would like to have a number of different smoothing algorithms so that
| you can easily try different ones.  Currently [hid_smooth] uses
| maxlib's [average], set to do a weighted average of the last 10 events.
|  I'll have to come up with more specific names so that I can have a
| number of different smoothing objects available.

Good solution. I remember someone way back was working on a library of externals
for sensor data, ways of smoothing the data out, noise-reduction etc.. I Think
it was Johannes Taelman? I've not seen him post in some time now..

| Unfortunately, it looks like Wacom didn't write a HID Manager driver,
| so you have to program using the Wacom API in order to use the tablet
| data.  If they had made it part of the HID Manager, then [hid] would
| work for tablets on MacOS X.  The Linux input event system is unified,
| so basically everything already works with [hid] on GNU/Linux.  There
| is a project to write free Wacom drivers for MacOS X
| (http://tabletmagic.sourceforge.net/ ), but I don't know much about it
| yet.  I don't even own a tablet...

Ah Wacom, what wonderful people. I looked into the source-forge project, but its
only for serial tablets! (no longer made) so USB is not supported. There must be
someone working on it though, I'll let you know if I have a proper HID driver
for wacom. I guess I'm just stuck using the tablet in linux then! (I had not had
any luck in the past, but HID sounds like the best and easiest solution!)

| Let me know how it works for you.

I don't think i've outlined the project for you, but basically pixelTANGO is a
replacement of "V_" which was a set of high-level gem abstractions. Well I got
hired by the SAT (in montreal) to make a "video mixer" in PD, so I just made the
mixer an example patch for a set of abstractions that are much more useful than
a mixer! Anyhow I have memento state-saving working fine, including simple
animation of these paramters. Each abstraction will have a automatically set OSC
name (like /pt/1/pt.fader/1/r for the Red value of the first instance of
pt.fader in layer #1. What I want is to create a dynamic patch that allows you
to map any MIDI controller (or perhaps even HID variable in the future..) to any
parameter. (via menu rather than via manual patching) I'm thinking auto-ranging
would make this a lot easier, since I would not have to worry about scaling the
values of each controller! (or HID device, or A2D value from AID)

Ok back to work!

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