[PD] Re: [PD-announce] new devel_0_38 win32 binaries

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at gmx.net
Sat Nov 27 04:02:44 CET 2004

> and i wondered why it says traditional scheduler :-). maybe you can 
> change the buffer size from maximun to preferred again. is preferred
> the value you set in the control panel of the audio device or normally
> a hard coded value in the audio device driver? (i guess this differs
> from card to card). I think the way to go is to open the ASIO driver's
> control panel as most audio software does it.
for most devices i got feedback, the driver control panel sets not
only the prefered buffer size, but also minimum and maximum ...
your driver is probably different ... i'll use the prefered again ...

cheers ... tim

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