[PD] dyn~ newbie questions......

chun lee leechun at leechun.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Nov 29 15:12:19 CET 2004

Hi Thomas:

> Hi Chun,
> vis 0/1 is only there for very rudimentary debugging. It is not even really
> working since connections are not drawn. I don't think i will attempt to
> "fix" this.
> I think it's better to think of the dynamically created patcher inside dyn~
> as being invisible.
> Why do you want to set the position?

If the patcher inside dyn~ is best think of as being invisible, I guess
getting position is no longer a question. My idea was that to dynamically
create/remove reasonably self-contained dsp abstractions (autonomous agents)
which requires no connections to be functional. And using dyn~ to
create/delete n number of them in real time. By being able to set position,
it just makes it easier to view what's there. Am I making sense?

Many thanks for your reply.



> best greetings.
> Thomas
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>> hi there:
>> just compiled both flext and dyn~ on fedora core2 and got a few
>> questions about using dyn~
>> 1. how does dyn~ determines the position of newly created objects?
>> 2. is there a way to specify the position of the object with dyn~'s
>> "newobj" message?
>> 3. apart from switching the "vis" off and on very quickly, is there a
>> way to update the dyn~ canvas to see the newly created/removed objects?
>> that's all i can think of now;)
>> many thanks
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