[PD] understand soundfiler

Marc Boon marcboon at dds.nl
Fri Dec 3 22:07:23 CET 2004

Frank Barknecht wrote:

> Hallo,
> Marc Boon hat gesagt: // Marc Boon wrote:
>>Still, you need to get the text message to the Python external.
>>Besides that, I find it a bit to have to resort to Python only to get a 
>>text message out.
>>I use the [system] object to start shell scripts which are triggered by pd 
>>events, and here too, I have to use [makefilename] to build a commandline. 
>>It works, but it's ugly.
> Isn't it also a bit too much to use a whole operating [system], where
> a bit of Python would make things even simpler? (This is not meant
> really serious. However I believe, you are cheating somehow: Although
> you use shell scripts, you complain about having to resort to a
> programming language like Python? ;)

I complain a lot, that is true!
I do believe however that Python requires quite a bit more overhead than 
/bin/sh. As I learn beyond my first acquaintance with Pd, I will try to return 
some of the energy which I have sucked out of this list. To which I am very 
grateful, let that not be misunderstood! :)
So, a big hand to all Pd developers and users out there.
And for now: get me off this thread, I don't understand [soundfiler] ;)
m at rc

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