[PD] [seq16] sequencer abstraction done! - first release

Federico xaero at inwind.it
Sun Dec 5 11:37:14 CET 2004

hi all,
i've just created a little sequencer abstraction.
please look at here:


i hope you like it, and improve it...
enjoy! :)
(sorry for the "dirty" style, but this is one of my first patches)

Suggestion for PD:
would be great to see in pd's next release, an UI component that act as
a data matrix (think to a Vradio-array, or toggle array) that simplify
this dirty work...

i can't use toggles in my system, because i used to send bangs to read
UI-controls's values (which aren't connected to any wire).
while radios and sliders react to bang sending their value, the toggle
change its state and doesn't send anything. :(


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