[PD] Externals' makefiles for OS X, pdreceive

Alexandre Quessy listes at sourcelibre.com
Thu Dec 9 19:02:24 CET 2004

Hello folks,

I tried to compile a few externals  and libraries and it seldom works. 
I had no problem with Gem, but I didn't get neither Flext nor Gridflow 
to work yet, same thing for a few singles externals like sqlsingle. As 
my Linux box doesn't have a proper sound card, I'm currently using my 
OS X laptop for Pd. I was wondering if there was a tutorial, or a wiki 
for makefiles and how-to's for Mac OS X, so that I can get some 
inspiration regarding the .configure file, and such and such. If there 
is none, perhaps such a wiki would be useful for the Pd on Mac 
community. This could be on puredata.org. (and I could write some, the 
little I know)

Also, in an other topic, I can't find the binaries pdsend and pdreceive 
in my pd 0.37 or 0.37 for Mac OS X. I was wondering if it was hidden or 
gone. If not, where can I find it ? Perhaps we could do the same thing 
with a PHP script (using net sockets ?). Did anyone tried it ?

Finally, if someone knows how to answer to a thread when you use the 
digest mode in Mailman, please tell me.
Thanks all !

Montréal, Canada

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