[PD] labeled inlets

=?X-UNKNOWN?Q?g=FCnter_geiger?= geiger at xdv.org
Sun Dec 12 18:22:01 CET 2004

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004, Tim Blechmann wrote:
> hm ... i looked into the code some time ago and iirc, the inlet
> structure that is given by m_pd.h is defined as EXTERN_STRUCT and all
> api functions handle with pointers to inlet structs.
> maybe i'm missing something obvious, but i don't think, we loose binary
> compatibility with older externals...

I don't think so either. Actually the tooltips were used a lot already
without any problems.

> what was miller's idea? adding the tooltip symbols to the t_class of
> the object?

No, he had the idea of putting them into a hash table. I didn't follow
this thought any further though.

One reason why the tooltips are as they are is that I wanted to make
only few and clear changes to the code so that it can be seen easily whats
going on.


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