[PD] popup resets on minimizing/workspace switching how to fix?

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Dec 15 21:55:17 CET 2004

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It looks like when you switch workspaces or minimize in gnome that the whole
canvas is redrawn. This means that popup assumes it is the first time it has
been drawn and therefore no one could have selected any options.

How do things like vslider remember their position when re-drawing?
(which file contains the vslider code?)

How can I test if this is the first time the widget is being drawn compared to
the first time after the window has been minized??

Any suggestions?


David NG McCallum wrote:
| Ben,
| Okay, the colours no longer change but the popup labels still change to
| the popup name instead of whatever option was selected.
| Append works, awesome!
| David
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| B. Bogart wrote:
|> Ok I've added a few features to popup...
|> David NG McCallum wrote:
|> | - if the mouse is held down to select an option, and you move the mouse
|> | over another popup, that popup displays its contents.
|> Indeed I see this, I don't see how its a bug though?
|> | - sometimes it seems to reset its colour (??? not sure if this is a
|> | popup problem or something in my patch that assigns popup a colour)
|> Yup, it seems the colour is reset when I switch virtual gnome desktops.
|> I've fixed this in CVS, just another t_symbol vs s_name mistake!
|> | - also some of my patches seem to be editing themselves since I started
|> | using popup, specifically message contents rewriting themselves (this
|> | one is so weird I don't even know what to think about it)
|> I've not heard back if your using the latest version in CVS. I hope
|> this is fixed!
|> I've added the "append" method that works exactly like "options"
|> except it
|> appends the values onto the end of the list rather than over-writing.
|> You can
|> add one item or multiple items. To clear the list you can send
|> "options" with no
|> args.
|> I'll be commiting my changes to CVS shortly.
|> | Hope some of this helps...
|> Thanks for testing.
|> B.
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