[PD] general purpose graphical dataflow language?

John Nowak john at johnnowak.com
Mon Dec 20 03:22:19 CET 2004

Does anyone know of a general purpose graphical dataflow language, 
possibly bleeding-edge? Sort of like a PD for everything? Prograph is 
sort of like this, but there are many aspects of it I do not like, and 
it is ancient and no longer used as far as I can tell. I personally 
think PD-like models for programming would be useful in a general 
purpose context, provided the language had a few additions made to it 
to support larger programs and more reusable code (which I've recently 
briefly outlined on the Max list if anyone is over there as well).

So then... anyone know of anything, or is it back to Scheme for me 
then? I truly believe a "GPGDL" is a viable thing, and I'd love to see 
it happen one day if it hasn't already. We're getting very close with 
environments like Max, LabVIEW, etc. I would like to see someone go all 
the way.

- John Nowak

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