[PD] general purpose graphical dataflow language?

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Wed Dec 22 10:28:18 CET 2004


I have looked at some of the dataflow languages, and I found them
awkward too. It might be that I am too accostumed about how things are
in Pd, but I think that MAX/Pd is one of the best paradigms for doing
graphical programming.

In the long run I think the best solution would be some hybrid between
graphical and textual programming (similar to the scripting extensions
that exist for Pd), but more integrated.

And, of course a core set of complete data structures and object to
manipulate them.

Well, anyhow, I think it is an interesting topic, and obviously for some
people it is the only way they are willing to learn to program, so it
definitely has its place.


On Sun, 19 Dec 2004, John Nowak wrote:

> Does anyone know of a general purpose graphical dataflow language,
> possibly bleeding-edge? Sort of like a PD for everything? Prograph is
> sort of like this, but there are many aspects of it I do not like, and
> it is ancient and no longer used as far as I can tell. I personally
> think PD-like models for programming would be useful in a general
> purpose context, provided the language had a few additions made to it
> to support larger programs and more reusable code (which I've recently
> briefly outlined on the Max list if anyone is over there as well).
> So then... anyone know of anything, or is it back to Scheme for me
> then? I truly believe a "GPGDL" is a viable thing, and I'd love to see
> it happen one day if it hasn't already. We're getting very close with
> environments like Max, LabVIEW, etc. I would like to see someone go all
> the way.
> - John Nowak
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