[PD] adding new objects while audio is on

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Dec 31 13:42:38 CET 2004

John Nowak hat gesagt: // John Nowak wrote:

> One thing which drives me nuts about Max/MSP is that adding signal 
> processing objects or adding/deleting connections while audio is 
> playing results in clicks and nastiness as the DSP chain sorts itself 
> out all over again. 

Pd is free, so it's best if you just test it out yourselves!

I think, in theory Pd has the same problem, but personally I don't
experience it at all in normal editing operations. However creating
lots of dsp objects through dynamic patching reportedly leads to
clicks, too. You might consider Supercollider if you need to create
lots of sound objects on the fly. 

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