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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Dec 31 16:34:08 CET 2004

Thomas Grill hat gesagt: // Thomas Grill wrote:

> in times of IPod and other comparable players, i can hardly imagine that
> there is no harddisk-based recording device capable of 16 or 24 bit PCM
> 2-channel recording. Naturally, some editing capabilites and plug-in powered
> microphone input would also be great and the device should act like a normal
> firewire or USB harddisk when plugged into a computer.
> Any pointers?

A politically correct solution would be the Core Sound 
High Resolution Portable Digital Audio Recorder PDAudio (tm)

"PDAudio turns your PocketPC PDA into a high-resolution digital audio

or the PDAudio-CF which is a CompactFlash Digital Audio Interface Card
also running in laptops (Windows and Linux, ALSA driver).

Advantage 2: carries PD in its name.

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