[PD] [ot] portable harddisk recording device

Eric Skogen eskogen at usfamily.net
Thu Dec 30 22:41:09 CET 2004

Has anyone tried the Neuros?

They're being incredibly open with their product, supporting lots of 
file formats (who else supports OGG?) and even releasing the source code 
to their firmware... Includes line-in (and built-in mic for 
notes-to-self) ... Looks like their promoting an add-on preamp w/ stereo 
mics for it...

Anyway, if I had the scratch this would be mine... And I'm not afraid to 
advertise for them, it looks like their doing everything right.


Thomas Grill wrote:

>Hi all,
>in times of IPod and other comparable players, i can hardly imagine that
>there is no harddisk-based recording device capable of 16 or 24 bit PCM
>2-channel recording. Naturally, some editing capabilites and plug-in powered
>microphone input would also be great and the device should act like a normal
>firewire or USB harddisk when plugged into a computer.
>Any pointers?
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