[PD] Connecting to an IP via Internet

august august at alien.mur.at
Wed Jan 12 15:00:52 CET 2005

> hello everybody,
> I have problems to connect to an IP number which is outside of my
> network by using [netclient] - [netreceive] objects. When I try within
> the same network, I can connect, but I dont know if it is possible  to
> connect an outside IP with pd.
> any help??

moi Koray,

could be almost any problem.

is one of the machines running a firewall?
if you are trying it at the university, does the uni have a firewall in
place that would block ports?

if one of the IP addresss are something like 192.168.*.* , 10.*.*.*, or
172.16.*.* (these numbers are reserved for internal networks), and another
is of some other type, chances are you will only be able to connect from
the outside network to the inside IP (unless you do some fancy port

best -august.

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