[PD] belt conveyor control

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Tue Feb 1 16:46:07 CET 2005

The way I'd go about this is using a microcontroller of some sort. A 
BASIC STAMP may be the best and easiest if you're just doing this one 
thing. Alternatively you can use a PIC, in which case my tutorial at 
http://www.0x09.com/Marlboro/physcomp might be useful. Basically the 
microcontroller would give you an interface between a motor and your 

You might be able to do it without a microcontroller, depending on the 
motor and its interface. You might even be able to just plug it in to a 
serial port, perhaps via a relay. The serial port uses +/-5V DC, which 
can be triggered using the [comport] external. You output that to a 
relay, which triggers the motor on or off. That's entirely speculative, 
I just pulled it out of my ass, and I've never tried anything like it 


olsen wrote:
> salü
> probably little off-tropic but as there are some tinkerers around maybe 
> someone could give me a point of departure.
> I'm trying to figure out controlling a belt conveyer attached to my 
> computer/pd.
> basically i thought about controlling a motors movement - passing 
> parameters for some estades to turn back and forth.
> if someone has experience in this direction in his sewing box (f.e. with 
> modules from http://www.ak-modul-bus.de) i appreciate it if he/she could 
> share it.
> thanks in advance&greets
> olsen

Ian Smith-Heisters

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