[PD] matlab to pd

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Feb 2 21:26:49 CET 2005

matthew jones wrote:
> matrix n m
> where n is the number of columns and m is the number of rows (at least, 
> from a rudimentary check, Matlab and zexy seem to order the row/column 
> number

well, i learned at school that the order is always row column.
this is how zexy's matrix is implemented.
for the rest i tried to stay as compatible with matlab (or rather: 
octave) as possible.

the only thing that is sometimes confusing is the way, [matrix~] works.
in literature, multiplying a signal-vector with a matrix is normally 
written as:
M * s^ = p^
("^" meaning "vector", capital letter indicating matrix)

[matrix~] however does

s^ * L = p^
(this seemed logical to me when looking at the inlets of the object)


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