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Hi François,

f.bardet at voila.fr wrote:

 > Can zexy lib process 3D matrices ? (I mean matrices with 3 indices, 
e.g. a 10x8x3 matrix)

I don't know any details about zexy. Although, here is an idea, how to 
handle every N-dimensional matrix as a linear vector:

To convert a matrix to a vector in Matlab use:

linvec = reshape(matrix, [],1);

which will reshape the matrix to a linear vector.

To access any single element you have to recalculate the index:

indexlin = k + K*l + K*L*m + K*L*M*n + ...

- k,l,m,n...: index of first, second, third... dimension
- K,L,M,N: number of elements in each dimension.

By the way: this is more native way to treat matrices in computational 
processing, because every matrix is stored in the RAM in the linear 
order in any case :-) That's why your more-dimensional index is 
recalculated to a linear index by every software which handles matrices.

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