[PD] fighting with route

musil at iem.at musil at iem.at
Thu Feb 3 01:26:33 CET 2005

Zitiere Thoralf Schulze <thoralf_schulze at yahoo.de>:

> hi there -
> a late-night-question: i can't figure out the variable
> type route is expecting at its inlet. I'm trying to
> route lists like "in cam0 res 0" or "fx mov1
> motionblur 120" to different abstractions with "route
> in fx out" followed by "route mov0 mov1 cam0 cam1"
> etc. - it's basic message parsing. but no matter what
> route gets, it always throws it out at the right
> outlet. i tried lists, messages and symbols - to no
> avail. however, if i create a message manually that is
> identical to the one sent by the patch, everything
> gets routed perfectly fine ...
> I would be really glad if someone could shed some
> light on this.
> guess i got something wrong with variable types in
> general. is it safe to say that:
> - lists are composed of several packed variables?
> - one can convert lists to messages by prepending
> "set" and t-b-a the output to a message box: |( ?
> - the string parts of lists are symbols?
> I hope this is not too confusing ... I'll attach the
> relevant part of the patch.
> tia,
> Thoralf.

hi thoralf,
try a print of incoming message, if it begins with list
it is a list message, and route with anything arguments does
not understand this and rejects it.
try this: (convert list-message to anything-message)

|route list|
|route in fx out|
 |     |
 |    |route mov0 mov1 cam0|
|route mov0 mov1 cam0|

cheers thomas musil

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