[PD] mp3 playing external

Bartlomiej Bazior fev at ckmedia.pl
Thu Feb 3 18:42:11 CET 2005

oliver :

> is generating temporary .wav files a practicable alternative for you ?
> then you could use "system" from the motex library to do an mp3->wav 
> conversion with some command line utility like "lame" and load it into a 
> buffer for variable speed playback.
> after use you can delete that temporary wav file within PD too (with a 
> dos command to "system").
> of course this isn't a really cool solution, and there is a time lag for 
> the converion stuff

  Yeah it isn't cool at all, but propably I'll end up doing something
like this. First I thought about converting all the mp3 files to wav,
but your idea seems to be better. On the other hand, I don't know if
calling some external command line tool while pd is processing audio,
won't cause any audio dropouts/clicks/etc.
  I want to fit pd, sound & graphic files on to my 512MB portable USB
memory, and using .wav as sound file format makes it somewhat impossible
(due to a number and size of these files).
  Also a friend of mine asked me if I could build for him a
mp3 "dj mixing" patch (something like NativeInstruments Traktor).
Well, I think I'm going to try your solution for now.

Anyway, thanks for suggestions.


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