[PD] mp3 playing external

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Fri Feb 4 02:10:18 CET 2005

Le 3 Février 2005 18:23, Bartlomiej Bazior a écrit :
> Frank Barknecht :
> > There is an mp3play~ object in the IEMLib, also on CVS.
>   Yes, I know about that one - no "speed" control, though.
> But a moment ago it striked me, that using variable speed mp3
> playing external will propably cause me a bigger problem.
>   I was planning to use that kind of object to play various
> sound loops - my patch works more less like ableton Live,
> where I trigger those sounds by midi events. The patch has
> bpm control which controls the speed at which all the files
> are being played (that is why I asked about mp3 playing
> external). But now I remembered that mp3 encoders do
> some zero stuffing (silence) at the end of files, so I
> would get clicks when "looping" sounds.
> Dunno how it looks with ogg files.

Try AlsaPlayer with jack; it was discussed earlier on this list. There's an 
external to control AlsaPlayer, which can be told to play at different speed, 
even backward. For loop manipulation, sample the AlsaPlayer jack input in PD.

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