[PD] mp3 playing external

Bartlomiej Bazior fev at ckmedia.pl
Fri Feb 4 00:23:19 CET 2005

Frank Barknecht :

> There is an mp3play~ object in the IEMLib, also on CVS. 

  Yes, I know about that one - no "speed" control, though.
But a moment ago it striked me, that using variable speed mp3
playing external will propably cause me a bigger problem.
  I was planning to use that kind of object to play various
sound loops - my patch works more less like ableton Live,
where I trigger those sounds by midi events. The patch has
bpm control which controls the speed at which all the files
are being played (that is why I asked about mp3 playing
external). But now I remembered that mp3 encoders do
some zero stuffing (silence) at the end of files, so I
would get clicks when "looping" sounds.
Dunno how it looks with ogg files.

> Both objects are not really fit for doing DJish synchronization let
> alone beatmatching. For this, only readanysf~ comes close, however not
> close enough for my taste. 

If I may ask: what do you mean "not close enough"?
What you don't like about readanysf~?


Doesn't matter if I'm paranoid - they're still after me.

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