[PD] matlab to pd (more)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Feb 4 10:50:19 CET 2005

f.bardet at voila.fr wrote:
> Hi list, 
> Thanks for your replies concerning matlab-to-pd matrix export.
> Some more questions :
> Can zexy lib process 3D matrices ?

no, unfortunately not.

> (I mean matrices with 3 indices, e.g. a 10x8x3 matrix)
> If yes, how is a 3D matrix described in zexy, and how can I export it from matlab ?

there are 4 reasons why i did not implement n-dimensional matrices:
a) i don't know a human readable way to store such matrices (but 
probably i should do a binary matrix reader/writer anyhow, e.g. to allow 
for real float precision)

b) when i do 3D-matrices, people will come and ask for even higher 
dimensional matrices, so i (or someone) would need to implement a 
generic n-dimensional matrix

c) i have no idea how to do any "real" math on such matrices (apart from 
element-wise calculations); so such matrices would be general (more 
dimensional) storage containers and not just elements to do maths with.

d) i just did not need it ;-)

> If not, is there a pd lib which allows it ? Or a max lib ?

if you just need general storage containers, you could use PDContainers 
by Georg Holzmann, which is a wrapper around C++ containers (like 

if you want to do complicated maths with your matrices, you are probably 
best of with GridFlow (which is more famous for video-processing, but is 
far more general, so it can be used for this; but you would need some 
knowledge of ruby)

and i guess you would need to write an importer from matlab yourself.


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