[PD] standalone app

Michal Seta mis at artengine.ca
Fri Feb 4 16:46:58 CET 2005

Rory Walsh <rorytheroar at yahoo.com> writes:

> I hear people talk of a standalone MAX patches all the
> time, but am I right in thinking that this is not
> standalone(in the true sense of the word) but merely a
> patch that's bundled together with a player? 

Actually, all patches and used externs are bundled into the executable
application. So, if your patch does not require any external graphics
or sound files, you'd be able to distribute one executable 'player'
that does not require a user to install anything else Max related.

It acts as a stand-alone Mac application.

Also, such app would run more efficiently than the same patch within
the Max environment.

N.B. This was definitely true for pre-MacOSX, I assume it has not
changed considerably.


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