[PD] using joysticks to control PD

Robert Garvin RobertGarvin at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 4 21:15:11 CET 2005

I searched online and came across a PD patch that had a .dll file. What it
does is it figures out the number of axes and buttons. The only remaining
problems I'm having are:
1. getting the values to get to zero; and
2. there is an "8-way hat switch" on the wingman, and this patch doesn't
recognize it. 

I've included the link to the file, if anyone is interested.

from there, about 1/2 to 2/3 down the page is the file "pd_joystick.***"
***= "zip" or "tar.gz" for windows and linux... I believe..


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I remembered that Hans once mentioned about the one with force feedback, 
which is a bit more expensive than the
Wingman Extreme. I personally go for the extreme 3D one.

On linux, basically both of them are using the same driver, so there 
should be no problem, please let us know what you get.


Robert Garvin wrote:

> I recently learned how to use the qwerty keyboard to control different 
> actions in pd.. is there a way I can use a joystick to do the same?
> I've listed the type of joystick I have, just in case it might help 
> out with answering:
> Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital 3d
> Thanks,
> Robert.

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