[PD] textinput

MvH cola at looze.net
Sun Feb 6 20:18:50 CET 2005

Ok I will have a look. I don't think the symbol thing is very useful for 
what I want: an entry dialog for writing osc messages, and hit enter to 
add them to a list in a sequencer. ( tracker )

Frank Barknecht wrote:
> Hallo,
> MvH hat gesagt: // MvH wrote:
>>Hello, I was wondering, is there some external toolkit that gives me a 
>>textinput field that I can use to send arbitrary messages ( doing, in 
>>fact the same as double clicking a message box, changing the contents 
>>and sending it but easier and faster?).
>>The only way it seems to find out is by installing all of them somehow, 
>>I prefer not to do that yet.
> You could be able to build something like this using the tot
> external. For simple words, a symbol-atom is also very nice, although
> it doesn't handle spaces and backslashes well.
> Ciao

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