[PD] tabread4~ vs. vd~

Brendan Asselstine bstine at telus.net
Sun Feb 6 20:46:57 CET 2005

seems like the most efficient way would be to insert a pitch shifter 
after the granulation, and control the shift with automation (like 
reading through an array with values for each grain).

for the granulation a method I tried once was to have a bunch of delay 
loops of the same length.  they each took an audio signal in, and a 
control in(at audio rate).  if the control signal was 1, they recorded 
the incoming signal and stopped feeding back (to clear the delwrite~), 
if the control signal was 0, they had full feedback so looped forever.

to break up the audio between them have a square wave with the timbre 
compressed so that the '1' section is 1/16 the period (or at least the 
length of each delay line).  now if you hook it up to each grain's 
control inlet and put it out of phase for each  (0, 1/16, 2/16, 
3/16....) then chunks of the signal will be written into each delwrite~ 
until it writes again.  then all you need is a method to listen to each 
delay line.

it's not as flexible as creating each grain~ object because you have to 
setup the square wave, but I tried a smaller version (4) and it worked.  
The patch is long gone but I'm pretty sure this is how it worked.


david golightly wrote:

> related question:  which would be faster:  writing an incoming signal 
> to an array in real time (tabwrite~) or using a delay line (delwrite~) 
> of the same length (ca. 4000 ms)?  (i'm trying to implement a 
> delay-line granulator that can pitch-shift in realtime using grains 
> w/dur <= 200 ms, & trying to do it the least expensive way possible...)
> thanks,
> david
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>> To: Phillip Stearns <mindphone_divided at yahoo.com>
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>> Zitiere Phillip Stearns <mindphone_divided at yahoo.com>:
>> > Thanks for the tip!  So is general rule to avoid realtime expr~ 
>> objects
>> > if at all possible in the future?
>> >
>> i would have thought though some months ago, but matiu and tim taught 
>> me better.
>> [expr~] is a very useful and fast object (it is not slower than 
>> writing the
>> maths in pd) (to know this would have saved me a _lot_ of patching in 
>> the past)
>> mfg.asd.r
>> IOhannes
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