[PD] arrays not redrawing

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Sat Feb 12 22:35:22 CET 2005

ix at replic.net wrote:
> i get this too, with numboxes as well as arrays (curiously toxy objects dont seem to be affected, and numbox2 is safe) with heavy gui activity, like writing to a 512-pix spectrogram and/or updating a number of numboxes every 64 samples. are you creating heavy traffic?

Yes, number atoms too, but not num2. The thing is that I'm not doing 
that much. Processor load is below 5%, I'm recording to an array and 
playing osc~, that's it. In exactly the same situation it works 
sometimes, sometimes no.

> most of these problems (dropped updates & Random crashes when moving or drawing things, plus array names not displaying) by switching to devel_0_38, so memory locking may be involved somwhow...

devel_0_38 fixed it or caused it? I tried devel_0_38 but none of my 
externals would load even after rebuilding them, but that's some other 
issue. If devel_0_38 fixes it I'll try to figure that out.

When the redraw stops working the only way I've found to get it working 
again is to do a total reboot, so it seems like this may be related to 
something that's not getting reset or unloaded between Pd sessions.


Ian Smith-Heisters

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