[PD] acieeed?

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Sun Feb 13 13:40:39 CET 2005

can somebody suggest some vst-replacements for the ladspa plugins to get 
frank's 303 patch working und windoze ?

I'm so curious about this patch ;-)



derek holzer wrote:

> Have to admit that those Blop oscillators sound pretty damned good. 
> One problem with PD is that there's no simple [+ anti-aliased] way to 
> make a square, triangle or PWM oscillator. I can't recall which 
> waveforms get used in Frank's thingee [triangle and square are pretty 
> acieeeeed-sounding, tho...], but they won't sound nearly so phat if 
> you "home-brew" it w/o the Blop oscillators. Vcf303 could probably be 
> replicated with the vcf~ object in main PD, but again it might not be 
> so fine tuned. Also might take a different range of control numbers. 
> Try it out and see. Somebody else might have made some cross-platfrom, 
> anti-aliased multi-wavefrom osciallators. Might be good if they chimed 
> in right about now if they have ;-)
> d.
> Ian Smith-Heisters wrote:
>> Well, pianoroll works under OSX, I think maxlib does too. Then you 
>> just need to replace the LADSPA plugins, or perhaps not, I wouldn't 
>> be surprised if fink had some LADSPA OSX thingie. Even if not, all it 
>> uses from LADSPA is an oscillator and the vcf303, which I'm not sure 
>> how you could replace. Bottom line is you could probably get it 
>> working to some degree with a bit of work.


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