[PD] p5 glove + pd + linux (success!)

Jason Plumb jason at noisybox.net
Mon Feb 14 00:57:07 CET 2005

[sorry if this is a repost...I didn't see my initial message make it thru]

I've managed to get the Essential Reality P5 glove interfaced with 
pure-data in Linux.  The approach isn't exactly unique (separate app 
sending OSC messages to pd), but I'm not really aware of anybody else 
who's managed to get it working.

I've put together a bit of a tutorial/guide and posted my code (p5osc 
application and demo patches) on my site.  You can check it out at:


It's pretty alpha stuff, but at least it's working.  If you actually try 
any of this, please feel free to provide success/failure stories. 
Contributions/patches/etc are also welcome.



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